How To Prepare Your Home For Summer

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As Spring starts to turn in to Summer in Cincinnati most of your spare time starts to move from indoors to outdoors to enjoy the rays of sunshine that come with the season. With the move to outside there are some things that you can do to prepare yourself and your home. Because most of your time will be outside there could be some things within your home that may go unattended which is why it may be a good idea to take care of them before hand. Also, just as you can "Winterize" your home, there are a great number of things you can do to "Summerize" your home as well so you don't have to take care of them when the situation arises. Below is an area-by-area guide you can use to prepare your home for Summer so you don't have to waste time once the beautiful weather comes.

Prepare Your Home For The Summer - Room by Room


Drawers and Cabinets - The only thing you really need to worry about here is discarding expired cosmetics, beauty products and medications. Not only does this help with clutter but it give you an opportunity to replace these items with their summer counterparts. If you neglect going through these items every once in a while you could end up with a mountain of products that starts to become such a daunting task you'll end up never getting around to it.


Bedding - It's time to take off those thick comforters you cherished so much in the winter. Take this opportunity to get them dry-cleaned and protected in plastic so you can store them away. This way you will have them ready for next Winter and can easily swap out bedding again. Once you've removed the Winter bedding you can replace it with your lighter Summer bedding. 

Clothing - The same goes for your cold weather clothing. It's far enough in to Spring at this point where you are probably wearing much more warm weather clothing than you are cool weather stuff. Swap out your Winter wear for the Summer gear. Again, have the cold stuff dry cleaned if need be and store it away so it's ready to go next year. Time spent now is time saved when the time comes for when you need it.


Remove, Replace, Re-sell - Take this opportunity to comb through items that you may not wear anymore. Take out all of the Winter stuff and in the process sort through stuff that you haven't worn in ages or just doesn't fit anymore. Take these items to any clothing re-seller to make a couple extra bucks in the process. Or, if you're feeling generous bring them to Goodwill or any local non-profit that accepts them. After you've thinned out your closet replace it with your Summer wear. 


Refrigerator and Freezer - Don't forget about the food storage areas when you're trying to prepare your home for Summer. When Summer rolls around your fridge and freezer are going to get some work in. We're sure it's going to be full of ALL of the BBQ essentials. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken wings, and more are going to be stocked to the edge. So why not take a moment and clear out unwanted fridge and freezer items to make room? It may be time to finally discard those leftovers from 3 months ago to make way for the copious amounts of potato salad you'll be enjoying this summer. Once unneeded items are out go ahead and vacuum and wipe down every area of the fridge and freezer so you won't have to try and do it when it's back full again. Always try to be working smarter not harder.

Living Room

Curtains, rugs and throws - The trend of replacing heavier Winter items continues here. And again, take everything to the dry cleaner that needs it and store away for next year. Rotate out those heavier curtains for breezy, lightweight ones. Another good idea is to switch out your rugs and throws to better match the season. You will probably be walking in and out of the house a lot more so choose rugs that won't show dirt as much and are also easier to clean. Ideally you should choose a rug that you can simply bring outside and give a good shake on the deck and put right back down. Quick and simple.

Outdoor Spaces

Gutters - Make sure these are clear. There's nothing worse than going to have a cookout only to find your gutter clogged up and the whole yard is flooded. Get it done before Summer so you don't have to deal with it during.

Outdoor Furniture - We hope you stored your outdoor furniture before the Winter last year but if you haven't it's time to show it a little love. Grab the sponge and bucket and get to work. Thoroughly scrub down all of your outdoor furniture including seating, umbrellas and awnings. Getting rid of the grime now is just another small step to prepare your home for Summer.

Porch - Busting out the wire brush and pressure washer on the porch to give it a good cleaning is always a good idea. Again, this is to get all of the Winter grime off. If it needs it, reconditioning the porch with a sanding and new coat of weather sealant wouldn't be a bad idea either. No one likes splinters in their feet.

Driveways and Walkways - Check in on your driveway and walkways. Do your walkway stones need replaced or filled in some more? Seal up any cracks in the driveway so you don't have to deal with weeds during the Summer months.

Light Fixtures - Check all of your outdoor light fixtures. Summer months are longer and you're going to be wanting to spend as much time outside as possible so having proper lighting will help. Give all the fixtures a good scrubbing and shining to keep them looking new. Also check out the bulbs to see if any need replacing.

Other Areas To Consider

By no means should this list be attempted to be done in a single day when trying to prepare your home for Summer. If you take one area a day leading up to the Summer months and check it off your list your home will ready to go when the time comes. These are the focus areas we give to clients when they come for advice. If you'd like to cut this list literally in half our group of cleaning professionals can take a ton off of your plate and get you even closer to enjoying the great Summer activities around your home. If you'd like some more info on our home cleaning services you can get a free quote here. We will come to your home and walk around to customize the services to your specific needs. We also offer Gift Cards if you know someone who would appreciate a good Spring Cleaning. We look forward to hearing from you and enjoy your Summer in Cincinnati!

How to Customize Cleaning and Gain Free Time

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Why Free Time is a Treasure

Time is a high-demand, fleeting aspect of life. Day in and day out, there are only 24 hours to get everything done. If you’re like most people, that’s never enough time to finish everything and be able to do the things you enjoy most (or even wind down.)

On the days when getting everything done is a scramble, setting priorities is a must—but not just for your ever growing  to-do list—we need to look at what is consuming our time, what can be cut out and what we actually want to do with our free time. Taking the time to plan out the week to incorporate your aspirations and personal happiness will not only let the week run smoothly, but also make life a bit less hectic and feel more fulfilled.

What Consumes the Most Free Time

Watching Television– Have you ever sat down at your sofa, turned on your favorite show and then look up to notice that 3 hours have passed and you never got to do that thing you wanted to do when you got home? Same here.

Surfing the Internet/Social Media – Just like TV, internet browsing and social media surfing can take up more time than you originally intended. The infinite scroll is a real thing, and it can be lethal to your free time.

Checking Your E-mail – To say that it’s easy to get lured into checking your email “just one more time” is an understatement. While it’s important to check your email, it can waste more time than it’s worth if you find yourself checking every hour or thirty minutes.

Doing ChoresCleaning your home, and maintaining that cleanliness, is probably the most time consuming of tasks you will encounter. Not only is cleaning hard to manage when you’re already tired, but it is also a constant priority that can escalate quickly if ignored for even short amounts of time.

So, where do we draw the line and claim more free time to enjoy living? This is where we have to get creative. All of the things we do on a daily basis are necessary—they allow us to pay the bills, decompress from work, connect with friends, stay on top of work for the following day, and keep our homes clean and organized. What we need to think about is this: at the end of the day, are there things you wish you could have done?

If you’ve answered yes in any capacity, it might be time to reorganize your day.

How to Prioritize Your Time

Step 1: Consider your aspirations

Step 2: Take a look at your routine

Step 3: Cut out activities that don’t add value to your day

Step 4: Reorganize your weekly schedule to incorporate more of your aspirations

Step 5: When things get tough, delegate tasks as much as possible to keep your goals in sight

How Planned Cleaning Improves Your Daily Routine

Out of all the activities that consume your free time, the need to clean your house might seem impossible to manage but can be done with a bit of preparation. Even if you spend a little time each day during the week to maintain your home, that will remove the pressure of spending hours getting it from hopelessly messy back to clean over the weekend.

Here are a few helpful tips to plan out your cleaning over the week:

·         Don’t wait until “later” or “tomorrow” – even minutes of cleaning a day will save you hours over the weekend.

·         Make sure your cleaning supplies are accessible.

·         Keep extra cleaning supplies in different areas of your home so there is less back-and-forth.

·         Line the bottom of your oven with foil.

·         Scrub your sink after you wash the dishes, a quick rinse now will save you trouble later.

·         Use old toothbrushes for detailing sinks and drains.

But, what happens on the days where you just can’t get to cleaning, or those weeks that are over-the-brim with activities that leave you house want for a deep clean?

The Benefits of Hiring Customized Cleaning Services

Stop worrying about fitting in the time to clean your home. Delegate the task to us at House Calls and we’ll get our team on the job. Regain control of your day-to-day life and take a breather. When you have professional cleaning services handle all corners of your home, the stress washes away like magic.

At House Calls, we create Customized Cleaning plans that focus on handling all the areas that you need cleaned the most.

·         Bathrooms

o   Showers and Tubs

o   Sinks and Vanities

o   Toilets

o   Mirrors

o   Flooring

·         Kitchens

o   Sinks and Counter Tops

o   Cabinets

o   Appliances

o   Flooring

·         Bedrooms

o   Beds

o   Mirrors and Pictures

o   Lamps and Fans

o   Furniture and Bookshelves

o   Flooring

·         Throughout home

o   Furniture

o   Windows and Blinds

o   Window Sills and Ledges

o   Doors and Door Frames

o   Knobs and Handles

o   Wall Vents

o   Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

o   Pictures and Frames

o   Mirrors

o   Switch Plate Covers

o   Baseboards

o   Trash Containers

o   Carpeted Areas

Your Free Time is Our Priority

We understand how much stress can be added to your day. From the responsibilities you have at work, to the scramble to fit in time to run errands and keep your house in order, there is rarely any time left for you to spend with your family, friends, your personal hobbies and the things that make life worthwhile. It’s important to prioritize your day to make time to do the things you enjoy, but it’s also important to remember that you don’t have to do it alone.

At House Calls, we pride ourselves in putting the people of Cincinnati first. We take on each assignment as if we are setting out to clean our own homes. You deserve to spend you day as you like, you deserve to have the free time you need, and you deserve the utmost care given to your home. Request a quote from us today and we’ll help take the stress away.

Clean Room and Back Patio


Eliminating The Hassle of After Work Apartment Cleaning

by Administrator13. October 2016 14:26

As winter approaches and you’re busy focusing on end of the year tasks at work, you have probably noticed how much harder it is for you to keep up on your cleaning duties around the apartment. Do you have pets and their hair is just collecting in every corner? Dusty fan blades? Clogged up air filters in those pesky window AC units?  House Calls is here to come to your rescue.

Work Without The Stress of Knowing Your Home Needs Cleaned

We can take care of all those household duties that linger in the back of your mind throughout the work day.  We provide apartment and house cleaning services that take care of the details you just don’t have time for right now.

Cleaning Air Filters, Fan Blades, Pet Hair and More

We do basic cleaning like dishwashing, vacuuming, sweeping, window cleaning, dusting, and sanitizing surfaces.  Our scope of work is larger than you’d think!  We get in there and get the stuff you don’t normally think to clean.  We will take out and scrub clean all of your air conditioning filters, and climb up that step stool to dust off your fans.  We will get in every corner, behind and under all of the furniture to eliminate pet hair, and keep it away (with regular cleanings!)  Apartment Cleaning will rid your apartment of allergens and other lurking health dangers.

House Calls Apartment Cleaning

With House Calls LLC, it’s all taken care of so that you don’t have to worry about it when you get home from work. After working those long business days the last thing you want to do is come home and clean, am I right?

Forget about it! We got you covered!

Clean Apartment


House Cleaning Schedules

by Administrator24. June 2015 08:42

Keeping your life on a schedule is the best way to make sure you don’t forget anything, right? So setting up a schedule with your favorite maids at House Calls LLC will ensure tha your house never gets out of hand and is always cleaned to perfection!

Dirt and grime build up in our homes is going to happen forever, but with our skilled cleaning staff we can be sure to maintain and control a cleaning living environment in your home.  This doesn’t just have aesthetic value, but it is good for your health too.

Customizing your schedule is the best way to keep your home in tip top shape! To give you an idea of our flexibility, we offer some options:

·         Multiple times a week

·         Weekly

·         Bi-Weekly

·         Monthly

·         A few times a month


Keep in mind with these options that you can request cleaning as often or as little you may need.  Perhaps you have a party coming up that you want to prepare for spur of the moment, we can be there.  Maybe that party got a little bit more messy than expected and you’re not in the mood to clean it up, we’ve got your back!

Not only do we clean, but we clean for a reason.  We believe in giving back, and this is one of the ways we can do that.  You can too! Check out the website to learn a little bit more about the great non-profit that is Cleaining for a Reason.

If you’d like to set up a cleaning schedule with us fill out our short request a quote form, here.  We look forward to helping you keep your home or business clean!


Spring Cleaning Maid Service

by Administrator29. April 2015 13:24

We understand that life gets hectic at times and the last thing you want to do after a long day is clean.  This is even more true with the warmer weather, who would want to be inside spring cleaning instead of enjoying the outdoors?! House Calls is able to customize maid services so that you can come home to a clean home, instead of worrying about the mess.

Generally we recommend doing weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedules for your cleaning services, but we also do customized plans where you can choose when you have our highly trained team come and tackle the mess.  We wanted to be sure that our services were flexible, because everyone has a different schedule!  Tailoring plans to your schedule allows all parties involved to be happy.  A great example of the flexibility of our plans lies in graduation season.  Perhaps you have family coming from out of town, and they’re staying for a few weeks.  We can adjust your plan to make sure everything is in order before your guests come, and then maybe once during while you are all out to eat, and then finally after to get everything in order again.

You might wonder, why should I trust House Calls to come and clean while I’m not there?  This is a completely understandable concern.  All of our employees have had thorough background checks, and we are insured. On top of our convenience, and trustworthy service, we are affordable!  We are known for having some of the best pricing in the Cincinnati area.

Schedule a consultation by giving us a call, or request a quote today!


Apartment Cleaning | House Calls Cincinnati

by Administrator27. January 2015 09:21

With the busy lifestyles of people in today’s world, it’s hard to find time to clean!  One day you do find the time to clean, and next thing you know there is dust on your fan, dresser, and TV! House Calls LLC allows you to combat this consistently, and in a way that causes you zero stress.

When people think of a maid service, they generally think of large homes.  However, we’ve found that many people were unaware of our Apartment Cleaning Services that are gaining popularity in Cincinnati, as many people live in apartments or condos, with a similar layout.  

When life gets hectic, nothing is better than coming home and relaxing.  The last thing anyone wants to do is clean because it can be tiring, and time consuming.   With our apartment cleaning we offer packages that can include sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning and organizing kitchens, making sure windows are streak free, taking the dust out of bedrooms, and much more. Packages are custom built to make your apartment as clean as you’d like!  Whether you’re in a studio, 2 bedroom, or even a condo, House Calls can maintain the cleanliness.

Apartment Cleaning Services surely aren’t the only thing we offer. Find information about our other services, and our contact information, all on our website!  Thanks for considering House Calls!


Housekeeping Services | House Calls LLC

by Administrator12. December 2014 09:38

Are you in need of a housekeeping service? House Calls LLC offers quality and affordable maid services. Maid Services is a surprisingly broad service!  We offer: window cleaning, basic and advance house cleaning, relocation cleaning, apartment, pressure washing, and more. We thought it would be helpful to highlight a couple of key services many wouldn’t think a maid service was able to offer.


Our window cleaning service is professional, and you’ll never be caught with unsightly streaks on the inside or outside of your home or business!  Our team is equipped to give them a thorough clean, time and time again.


Then we have a pressure washing service. Our pressurized sprayers remove more dirt and debris from patio’s, decks, driveways and sidewalks than any other type of cleaning process. The process is also great for preparing garages and driveways to be sealed.


To put it simply, if you need a good clean or want to keep your home or business consistently clean, we’re the company to call. For quotes and estimates you can find our contact information, here! Please don’t hesitate to call for any reason!


House Cleaning | House Calls LLC

by Administrator27. October 2014 15:42

House Calls LLC house cleaning services provide reliable and affordable service for the majority of cleaning needs you might have (scope of work)! We know that every home is different, and everyone likes things a certain way. This is why we allow you to meet with us, to convey exactly what you’d like us to do.  We can schedule weekly, or bi-weekly house cleaning visits for you.

To help you feel more comfortable, a senior consultant comes to meet with you on the first visit, and afterwards we do our best to keep the same staff and senior consultant on each of your house cleaning visits. All of our cleaners must pass a thorough background checks, and our company is insured.  We ideally like to make your experience stress, and hassle free.  The only thing you have to worry about when we’re cleaning, is what you’re going to do with that free time!

If you’d like to contact us or request a quote, please visit our website!  Your quote will never change,  unless the job does! On our website you can find more information regarding our house cleaning, and other cleaning services such as commercial cleans, construction clean up, and more! We look forward to working with you.


Professional Cleaning Services | House Calls LLC

by Administrator15. August 2014 14:03

When to Consider Professional Cleaning Services

At House Calls LLC, we know that many people dread the thought of cleaning their homes even once per year. There are many advantages to maintaining a clean home, the greatest advantage being that it helps to keep you healthy. At what point should you consider hiring professional cleaning services? There are many occasions when a professional can help.


Moving is stressful. In addition to all of the packing that you need to do, you also have to clean up your house or apartment in preparation for the next occupant. In the case of an apartment, leaving it clean can make a huge difference when trying to get back your security deposit. When you’re exhausted from hauling boxes and don’t have the wherewithal to dust or scrub, call on us to handle it for you.


We know that new construction and remodeling makes a huge mess. When you’re stressed about the drywall going up, you shouldn’t also have to stress about how to clean up the dust collecting on your counters and floors. We’re happy to clean up after your construction project.

It’s That Time of Year

Summer is an exciting time and people know that school and winter is approaching, which is exactly why so many people choose to deep clean their homes. We know that you still have jobs to do and kids to shuttle around to activities. If you’re ready for a cleaning, get professional cleaning services to help out.


Sometimes you’re just too ill to get your home as clean as you like. We understand that you would handle it just fine if your health was at 100%. When you’re sick, you don’t need to get sicker sitting in a dirty house. We even participate in special programs for cancer patients. When your health is a concern, call on us to clean your home.

Any Reason Is a Good Reason


In the end, any reason you can think of is a good reason for hiring professional cleaning services like House Calls LLC. Call on us today to find out more about the cleaning services we offer. 


Maid Service Benefits | House Calls LLC

by Administrator23. July 2014 12:17

Save Time With a Maid Service

American culture is becoming increasingly busy.  The internet is filled with individuals seeking to connect with friends and family,  work no longer stays at the office,  and families are often involved in many different activities. Do you have time to get it all done and still clean your house? If not, a maid service can help.

How Time is Spent

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends the vast majority of their time either at work or sleeping. On average, a workday takes eight to nine hours, while most Americans sleep seven to eight hours a night. That leaves only about seven hours to get everything else done in a day—travel, eat, care for children or other family members, do household chores, exercise, or actually have some leisure time.

Being Busy, Stressing Out

For many people, it can be difficult to fit everything in. Nearly seven out of ten Americans describe themselves as very busy, and many people report feeling stressed out. Most Americans are discovering that its harder than ever to fit average household chores into their schedule—since the work required to keep a home clean and well-managed can take between ten and fifteen hours a week.

Maids and Free Time

With a maid service, though, those ten to fifteen hours can be freed up and go towards something else entirely. Without the need to worry about washing windows or vacuuming floors, you can spend more time with your family, catch up on your work so that you aren’t quite as harried, start an exercise routine, or simply enjoy a little more time to yourself. A maid service can also be handy for chores that you hate to do, whether you have the time for them or not. Can’t stand to scrub bathrooms? Have someone else do it for you.


Although many Americans think that their time is valuable, they don’t have as much of that time as they would like. Our maid service can help free up hours in your day and help you control your schedule, instead of letting your schedule control you.


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