Your Cincinnati Cleaning Services Experts

Cincinnati Cleaning Services Experts

For expert Cincinnati maid service or house cleaning, as well as construction cleans, window cleaning and pressure washing, call House Calls. Each employee is supported by a team of training, administrative, and customer service specialists who access cutting-edge technologies to deliver solutions for every project.

We offer both residential and commercial maid cleaning services in the greater Cincinnati area.

Residential Housecleaning Services

Get that clean home look and feeling with our residential house cleaning services. You know the feeling - the feeling of exultation after your living space has been given a really good clean, free of dirt, cluttered messes, smelly garbage and grime. House Calls will scrub all of your mess away! Our house cleaning services are convenient, reliable, and affordable, too. Check out our list of housecleaning work we perform here.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Apartments can be a huge chore to clean, too. Busy professionals often have little time to devote to cleaning their apartment or townhome - but that's where we come in! Our professional maid Cleaning services can clean your apartment in a jiffy - and we can make it affordable and convenient, too.

We do it all when it comes to apartment cleaning. Learn more about our apartment cleaning services by clicking here.

Relocation Cleaning Services

If you're moving and there is simply too much to pack and to do in general and there's no time for cleaning, give us a call. Our team of talented maid cleaning professionals will pick it up, dust it off, wipe it down and scrub it out. We can help make your time hassle-free with one simple call! Learn more about our relocation and move-out cleaning services by clicking here.

Construction Cleaning Services

Our construction cleaning services includes pressure washing, debris clearing, window cleaning, acid scrub for ceramic flooring, concrete sealing and so much more. Some of our post-construction cleaning clients include J.R. Decker Builders, Kerr Construction and Artisan Estate Homes and more. Need more information? Click here for more information on our construction cleaning services.

Window Cleaning

We're happy to provide a one-time window cleaning or schedule window cleaning. We can perform both residential and commercial window services. Learn more about our window cleaning services here

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