Cincinnati Professional Maid Services - Reviews

House Calls just cleaned our house due to fire damage. The cleaning was difficult and they did an excellent job. I was especially impressed with the team's work ethics. They were fast and efficient and a friendly bunch. I would highly recommend this group for any cleaning service.


Just a note to thank you all for such wonderful service during the past ten years. As you may recall, you first came to my home when a renter left it in a very "not clean" condition. House Calls was the second service engaged—the previous company did not complete the first floor in one morning and declined to come back and tackle the BLACK bathtub! You did, and the bathtub lived. I was so impressed with your tenacity that I hired you. And that was a terrific decision.

For the final cleaning, my neighbor, the renter and the new owners remarked how good the job was done.

Thanks much. Wish you had moved to Maine with me.

Cincinnati, OH

Having relocated on a short deadline, Stephanie at House Calls has been a life saver! In trying to move out of our house and get it on the real estate market while 9 months pregnant, we were struggling to find time or ability to clean it appropriately. It was just too much for us to handle. House Calls was able to get us scheduled quickly and clean the house for us before we had a scheduled showing. Their work is performed well and with efficiency within their teams of cleaners. Thanks, House Calls for making our move easier!

Kelly A.

They accommodated my need to have the job done on a weekend, with limited notice. And, they were exceptional with customer service.

Adrea F.

Easy to schedule, professional service and overall good job!

Jeri R.

Housecalls visited our home yesterday and I was really pleased with the work that the team did. I’m always happy to come home from work on a day when Housecalls has been there, but yesterday there were a few touches I really appreciated. For example, certain toys in the kid’s rooms had been arranged in a cute and whimsical way…guaranteed to bring a smile. Our 3-year-old’s stuffed birdie was nestled in a “nest” of pillows on his bed. Our 5-year-old’s Mickey Mouse gloves were laid on his bed in the “applause” position. Their dolls had been picked up off the floor of the family room and lined up in the couch with the TV remotes on their laps, as if they were watching TV. The kids got such a kick out of these things, just like me. At the end of a long day, it’s nice to come home to a clean house, and get a smile.

Please compliment the team on a job well done. I appreciate their efforts!

Diane Goldstein
Blue Ash

Hi there.

Just letting you know that the house looks great as always. I appreciate when your ladies leave notes ~ today was a nice warning about our water being shut off due to some Water Works activity going on down the street. The ladies explained that they DID get the bathrooms done in time and I appreciate knowing that.

Here is kind of a cute/funny story!

Today I found myself unexpectedly at home with the kids, so I called the House Calls office this morning to determine what time we should head out so we wouldn't be in your way once the ladies arrived. By the way, the timing worked well - they came while we were out & about running some errands and getting lunch.

Anyway, by the time we got home from lunch, it was nap time, so my girls ran to their rooms to get ready for nap. I heard Maddie yell from their room "Hey, who did this?"

So I went in to see what she was talking about and the Very Confused look on her face was priceless!! She was asking about how their now-organized beds FULL of stuffed animals and books got to be so neat. It looked so great (as it always does after House Calls comes) and she just was not used to seeing it so neat: the blankets no longer balled-up, the animals & babydolls neatly lined along the wall and the cute stuffed butterfly propped up against the pillow = so cute!

She kept asking if I did it and I kept explaining I was away from the house with her; then she asked if Daddy did it and I explained that Daddy was with us at lunch. It was just funny. She looked so confused even when I explained that the ladies from House Calls came while we were at lunch.

Maybe next time I should make it more "interesting" for her world and say a magic fairy did it since she has been a good girl lately. Hmm, I will have to give that some thought.

Anyway, thanks again to your ladies who did a nice job ~ especially with the kids' cribs/daybeds.


They are extremely reliable, responsible and very trustworthy. Very responsive, great contractors.


My home sparkles after its cleaning by the efficient, friendly staff of House Calls. The service is reliable and very accommodating to my schedule.

Fay B. May
Client since May, 2000

You guys do a great job. It is wonderful to come home and have my place cleaned. I travel a lot for work so when I get home the last thing I want to do is clean. You guys have cleaned my place ever since I have lived there (6 years this year) and most people that I have over always ask me if I even live here or if it is the model home because it's so clean. If I could afford to have you more often I would. I will work on it.

Again, you do a great job!

Rachel Wyder
Client since November, 1999

Punctual-Willing. Do the work according to contract. Friendly. Seemingly well trained.

Iris G.Ball
Client since October, 2004

I travel a great deal and your personnel always leave all the security and "special requests" in place after house cleaning. It is a very important added feature of your service.

Carol Rice
Client since November, 2003